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We Miss the Jamba

In loving Memory

8/20/06 02:14 am - laceypinkthong

i had my wisdom teeth out and i can't eat solids still. jamba with a spoon is so wonderful.

4/22/06 11:54 pm - nemoteen

omg, there was a jamba juice sketch on SNL just now, and it was so freaking hilarious.

3/3/06 12:16 am - laceypinkthong

i could go for some jamba right about now. too bad it's all the way at the mall.

1/30/06 09:49 pm - nemoteen

i could go for a jamba juice with an immune booster right about now.

1/10/06 11:49 pm - whatsmyalias

where are the local jambas? The only one I know of is at Lloyd center, and I know know know! that there is one more close by. Hazel dell maybe? I dunno. Help me out!

1/10/06 05:40 pm - freakynonstalkr

I went to Jamba by the mall yesterday with some friends. ♥

I missed it.

1/5/06 11:57 pm - nemoteen

i had a berry lime sublime today, and it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be because they didn't ask me what type of boost i wanted. i had a jamba without a boost. yeah, i know, it's a sick world out there.

12/12/05 01:00 am - whatsmyalias

so, I totally passed a Jamba in Bellevue this weekend. Alas! It was 11:30...."closed"

I think I need to go to Lloyd center tomorrow. Who's in?

12/12/05 12:20 am - suavajava07

i havent had jamba juice in a long time. it makes me sad. the end.

12/7/05 09:58 pm - laceypinkthong

i was going to go to jamba juice yesterday but we went somewhere else instead and it was really bad.
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