Joanne is hot (laceypinkthong) wrote in wemissthejamba,
Joanne is hot

i had a jamba today for the first time since they closed the one on 164th and 18th. it was at lloyd center. the girl put blueberries in it instead of lime and it wasn't as good and it made me sad because we went all the way down there and they didn't even give us styrofoam cups. but we will try the one by the mall and hopefully it will be mroe successful. i miss my jamba juice!

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    i had my wisdom teeth out and i can't eat solids still. jamba with a spoon is so wonderful.

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    omg, there was a jamba juice sketch on SNL just now, and it was so freaking hilarious.

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    i could go for some jamba right about now. too bad it's all the way at the mall.

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