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So, I meant to post about this yesterday, but I forgot. lol. Now, I will.

I decided to have lunch off-campus on thursday because we had a drug-dog assembly (yes, there will now be random drug searches at EHS) and so, we had a full 55 minute lunch, instead of the normal 40 minutes. So then I was like, "hey! I can go to Jamba!" And then I sadly remembered that it is no more.... I had lunch at home instead. Lame.

I miss Jamba.
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i had a jamba today for the first time since they closed the one on 164th and 18th. it was at lloyd center. the girl put blueberries in it instead of lime and it wasn't as good and it made me sad because we went all the way down there and they didn't even give us styrofoam cups. but we will try the one by the mall and hopefully it will be mroe successful. i miss my jamba juice!

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Holy shit! Our Jamba Juice is gone???? I go to off to college for a few weeks and next thing you know, they're completely destructing my entire life, childhood memories, and future dreams. How will I ever survive?!?!

Okay, so yeah, I am being a bit melodramatic, but that place did have a lot of memories and I am truly worried about where I'm going to get my Jamba fixes when I'm home for the summer.

The First Post

As some of you may or may not know, our Jamba Juice has been taken over. Where are we suppose to get our Jamba Juice fix now? Sure, there are other locations, but that doesn't mean we don't miss what we took for granted. here, here, Jamba Juice.